-Teaches the alphabet in a playful and interactive

Silly Spin world.

-An easy touch forward and backwards,

multi-speed spinning wheel with all 26 letters

of the alphabet.

-Endless hours of play.

-Hidden fun facts and up to five interactive

buttons in each letter. 

-Four modes with over  different 100 actions and funfacts. Try to find them all!

Interactive Mode - The most exploratory and challenging mode. 26 fully interactive illustrations with up to 5 actions and a funfact in each letter.

Easy Play Swipe and Tap Mode - This is a great mode for the player who is not quite ready to explore. Swipe the wheel and tap the picture to see 26 new actions. (26 different actions than in Interactive mode!)

 Easy Play Tap and Tap mode - This mode is excellent for a young player or for a player with special needs. An easy tap anywhere on the screen spins the wheel and an easy tap anywhere on the screen activates the action.

 Play As a Movie Mode - Let the wheel spin, play out the letters and silly animations all on it's own. Interrupt it any time with an easy tap of the back button.

-Original rock-n-roll ABC song that can be turned on or off with an easy tap.

-Age appropriate and visual stimulating graphics.

-Amusing sound effects that correspond with each action.

-Hear and see the action, teaching eye and hand coordination.

-Hear and see each letter of the alphabet with a word that starts with corresponding letter.

​-Coming soon… Switch Adaptable!

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Learn your alphabet with a spin of the wheel. Enjoy endless hours of entertainment and laugh out loud silliness.

Silly Spin ABC


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Let's Get S​illy!

Silly Spin ABC :30 second app preview

Silly Spin ABC teaches the alphabet in a playful and interactive world. Enjoy endless hours of entertainment and laugh out loud silliness.

Spin the alphabet wheel to play. Learn your ABC's along the way. With a tap or a swipe, enter the Silly Spin ABC world of interactive illustrations representing all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Maybe you'll see a ladybug taking a raindrop shower or a Chihuahua sliding down a rainbow or even a zebra sneezing off his strips in a field of peppermints. Over one hundred actions to explore! Did you know bees can count to four or that YoYo's were once made out of stone?  Learn interesting fun facts along the way.  

Children of all ages and abilities will love to discover and explore this fun and silly world as they familiarize themselves with the letters of the alphabet.

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