as their peers, so we always offer several modes to match every child's ability. Choose anywhere between a fully interactive mode for a typically developing child to an easy touch mode for those that may need a little more encouragement and support to activate the different actions.

We collaborated with children, parents, teachers, doctors and physical, occupational, vision and speech therapists to make sure our apps are filled with just the right amount of everything all for you and your child. 

Each of our apps has a focus on fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and cause and effect play and vibrant colors to strengthen vision through playful animations and stories. For those with sound sensitivity, we always make our apps just as fun to play with or without the sound on.


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Our Learning Giraffe team came together to make awesome children's apps for you and your family. Each one of our app adventures are packed full of ways to expand your child's knowledge and imagination to keep even the finickiest player engaged.

We believe every child, no matter their ability, should be able to play the same games

Playful and educational apps

to help children of all abilities

learn and develop.